Fall 23 - Zen 1 Essential Oil Scented Candle


These sustainable coconut-soy wax blend candles are made with our new Zen1 signature Balizen original scent, using organic pure essential oils from our own seed to seal program. Zen1 blends the earthy notes of Vetiver & Patchouli with the uplifting scents of Ylang Ylang and Lemon Grass.  Sorry - we are not sure what the burn time is, because they just seem to last and last.  If you have it burning for several hours we suggest tipping it slightly and swirling the wax to get it to harden onto the edge of the glass so the enough wick remains exposed to make a nice sized flame.

They are poured into a classic brown laboratory glass jar

Dimensions: 2.5D" x 2.5" (6.5Dcm x 6.5cm)   -    95 ml

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