Bamboo Espresso Cotton Shirt, 4 sizes


This classic resort men's, short-sleeved shirt, made of a cotton prima and coconut shell buttons, is perfect for all warm-weather destinations. Stylish and comfortable, this piece looks great with jeans, shorts and even a beach sarong. Super cute as an oversized shirt. Handmade with care in our fair trade workshop in Bali with our signature Balizen hand silk-screened prints using eco-friendly, seaweed based dyes. Andrea designs each of our relaxed, versatile pieces to be part of a classic, timeless, minimalist wardrobe.

100% cotton — Hand or machine wash with warm, tumble dry low.

—Size Guide—
Unisex S - women’s 8-10 / Men’s S
Unisex M - women’s 12-14 / Men’s M
Unisex L - women’s 14-16 / Men’s L
Unisex XL - women’s 16-18 / Men’s XL

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