Natural Fringed Umbrella, Large


     Our signature umbrellas are inspired by the traditional ones used to adorn Balinese temples on all the special holidays. Updated with fresh new materials and featuring zen zen prints and hand-woven Balinese cotton endek, they are unique and beautiful in so many settings.

     These umbrellas are made with a natural canvas cotton and feature a hand knotted trim. The small (tabletop) size comes with a sturdy stand of durian wood.

Large: 180 cm D x  250 cm H (70" D x 100" H)



- Unwrap and remove any plastic that might be between the spines. 

- Turn the umbrella upside down, placing the very top on the ground. Push down carefully and evenly on the top with both forearms until hole is visible. 

- Insert peg in hole. 

**If the umbrella turns inside out, don't worry! The bamboo ribs are tough and flexible. Just push or pull gently and evenly to turn it right side out again. 

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